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When cooperation between internal and external market intelligence experts within a project is most beneficial?

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Does a company always have to choose between an employee and an external expert? What kind of tasks, cooperation between internal and external market intelligence experts are the most beneficial? How can a company achieve a synergy effect from combining these two approaches?


Pros and cons of cooperation with external market intelligence providers

English Version

What’s better – hire an employee or team to collect data, analyse and conduct market research? Or is an external market intelligence provider a more beneficial solution? What are the advantages and disadvantages of cooperation with an external provider?


Market intelligence experts – which is better: own employees or external specialists?

English Version

Which solution brings more advantages: employing a professional or a team to analyse and research markets or establishing cooperation with an external market intelligence expert or agency? In what situation is it worth expanding a team? And when will external support be the best solution?


Global Demographics

Market Report Partner

Formed in 1997 and based out of Hong Kong and the UK Global Demographics LTD is an expert in providing comprehensive data on demographics across China and 75 countries globally ...


Why should Custom Research agency screening include following its social media profiles?

English Version

How to verify the professionalism of a research agency? Why should research company screening include the observation of its social media profiles? But is it enough to follow the official, corporate sites in social media?


BMI Research becomes Fitch Solutions

Market Research Partner - Update

On July 30th, 2018, BMI Research was integrated into Fitch Solutions as Fitch Solutions Macro Research...


Is you custom research project being subcontracted? – Necessity or an unknown chain of NDA’s?

English Version

What risks arise when custom research subcontractors are included in the project? How to protect your company against the risks associated with employing subcontractors by a research agency? What provisions in the cooperation agreement are necessary in case of consent or lack thereof for cooperation with subcon...


Ken Research

Market Report Partner

Based in India and Founded in 2011 Ken Research provides bespoke industry intelligence, equity research reports and business consulting services on several sectors across the globe ...


Is your custom research project being conducted by the experienced people who sold it?

English Version

How does custom market research support the development of the client's company? How to check a research agency before entrusting it with an important project? Is it enough to learn about their references and completed research projects? What do most companies often forget when selecting a potential partner in ...


Bioinformatics Inc.

Market Report Partner

Founded in Arlington, Virginia, United States in 1994, Bioinformatics Inc is one of the most trusted and has been a global leader in scientific market research for approx. 25 years ...


Custom market research is not about cutting and pasting data from different sources!

English Version

When custom market research is a good solution? Where to find reliable industry data when there are no ready-made market reports on a specific topic? How to assess whether a company offering custom research services really has competences in this area?


Market research resellers – how to tell the difference between great and average or even a bad one?

English Version

What should you pay special attention to when considering the purchase of a report from a particular reseller? How to recognise a reseller who is not interested only in closing the sale, but on satisfying individual needs of the customer? Here are 5 steps to verify how well market reports resellers provide supp...



Market Report Partner

Publishing more than 35,000 market research reports annually, IndexBox provides comprehensive coverage of both Global and regional markets across a wide variety of industries ...


CBR Pharma Insights

Market Report Partner

A Healthcare focused publishing brand operated and owned by GlobalData and closely aligned with GBI Research providing fully-referenced research reports in the Pharma industry ...


What licenses for market reports (and custom options) are offered by publishers and resellers?

English Version

After searching for market reports, evaluating their quality and verifying the credibility of their authors, publishers and sellers, it’s time for purchase. But before placing an order for a market report, a company should understand what are the types of licenses available, consider the scope of use and dissem...


Sharing market intelligence within a company increases business effectiveness

English Version

Who in your company may benefit from access to market reports? What kind of information does each of your team members need? How to organise the process of sharing market intelligence in your organisation to save time and increase work efficiency?


Allied Market Research

Market Report Partner

Headquartered in Pune, India, Allied Market Research was founded in 2013 and employs over 500 professionals offering end to end Market Research and Analysis services ...


How to use industry reports to increase the chances of success of your business?

English Version

Are industry reports, analyses and data really helping to develop businesses? How can they be used to better understand the market and make more effective strategic and operational decisions?


BMI Research

Market Report Partner

Headquartered in the UK and founded in 1984, BMI Research is famous for covering 24 different industries and over 200 countries ...


How to distinguish high-quality market reports from substandard ones?

English Version

What features have high-quality market reports? How exactly can you recognise them? Is it possible to evaluate the report before purchase to avoid costly mistakes?


Where can and where should you buy market reports?

English Version

Where to buy market reports to get the solution best suited to your individual needs? The answer to this question depends on what your company really needs. Before choosing a supplier, it is worth checking the quality of data and the possibility of obtaining additional support. This article presents three main ...


BCC Research

Market Report Partner

Founded in 1971 and active for more than 45 years BCC Research provides reliable market research reports and forecasts across 19 different industry verticals ...


11 types of market reports – Which one does your business need?

English Version

What are market reports? What types of market reports are offered by publishers? Are fully comprehensive studies available on the market, and do they really provide reliable, verified data and market analyses at a reasonable price?


When market intelligence subscriptions do not provide all the information you need

English Version

Why market intelligence subscriptions don't always work well? What to do when access to the purchased portal or newsletter is not enough? Where to look for market data in order to save time and often also money, while maintaining high quality?


GBI Research

Market Report Partner

With a focus and goal to be the premier provider of healthcare market analysis the GBI Research team is located across the UK, US and Asia Pacific ...


How to gather market intelligence? Here are 5 solutions used by market leaders

English Version

Which market intelligence sources should be considered when collecting market data? Where to find information about the current situation and development potential of the industry? Where from to gain knowledge about the activities and plans of your competition? What sources may be used to get to know the charac...


14 benefits of market intelligence that support your company growth

English Version

What specific benefits of market intelligence could be achieved in your company? How can market intelligence help to streamline processes and increase the efficiency of activities of your company? How can knowledge about the market, competition, consumers and products / services strengthen your company's compet...


7 areas of your business that may be improved with market intelligence solutions

English Version

From what key types of sources may a company collect data about the market, competition and consumers? In which business areas can the gathered market intelligence be used to improve processes and increase the efficiency?


Mordor Intelligence

Market Report Partner

Founded in 2013 Mordor Intelligence is a custom research and advisory firm publishing more than 9,000+ comprehensive reports across 60+ industry segments ...


10 features of a world-class market intelligence provider that can help you to grow your business

English Version

What is market intelligence? What market intelligence is not about? How to select a partner to receive top-quality support?