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Market Research and Advisory Services

Service overview

Scotts International provides customised research and advisory services to Financial Houses, Investment Banks and Private Equity firms interested in gathering accurate insights to support informed risk assessment investment decisions on M&A Due Diligence, Buy side prospect screening and Sell side investor matching.

Our 15+ year experience includes a network of experienced consultants based in over 40 countries worldwide.

Advisory capabilities

Every advisory project is unique and usually involves combining a number of different research methodologies and services in order to deliver project results that exceed expectations.

Examples of Investor Intelligence advisory projects:

M&A Commercial and Market Due Diligence

  • Comprehensive reporting on a target company’s strategy, structure and performance including a thorough analysis of the market conditions and geographies where the company operates. Analysis includes research in to the position of the target company in comparison to rivals and the reputation of the brand from within the industry and amongst its customer base. What their current business plan and direction is as well as strategic review of where improvements can be made. Financial reviews in to the revenues and how much the company can be expected to make over a set time period aids negotiation.

Risk Analysis for Financial Lending

  • Market research to validate if financing client projects and expansion plans warrant investment support.

Projects our team have advised on and managed:

Commercial Due Diligence

Challenge: A Japanese industrial multinational searching for potential M&A targets to shorten supply chain in India, Singapore and Thailand.

Solution: Developed a scorecard based on ‘ideal partner’ and identified / screened 25+ target companies based on core filters. Shortlisted companies further investigated leading to introductions to 6 best companies and subsequent US$10mn+ acquisition.

Manufacturing | Asia

Acquisition Support

Challenge: A leading building materials producer considering an acquisition of a European manufacturer of Insulation materials required data support.

Solution: Working to specific parameters assigned from the head office data was sourced on acoustic insulation, mineral wool and xps production and sales volumes within Europe. The commercial due diligence support contributing to full acquisition.

Building Materials | Europe

Data to support M&A

Challenge: A leading Western European multinational requesting specific market data to support a potential US$50mn acquisition in South America.

Solution: Various industry forecast reports sourced from different providers, presenting options and advising suitability. Provided pre purchase support guaranteeing required figures included. Data matched internal calculations and acquisition made.

Construction Chemicals | South America

Pre/Post Acquisition Support

Challenge: A leading international exhibitions player requiring extra negotiation ammunition to support the acquisition of regional trade show.

Support: Focused on Building Materials the industry outlook for the region was first assessed, followed by analysis / surveys for previous shows and SWOT on Competitive events. Advised risks, investment priorities and gave post acquisition support.

International Exhibitions | South East Asia

Support Courting Investors

Challenge: An American alternative e-commerce payment company and its investment bank required support with commercial due diligence.

Solution: To support expansion research was carried out across 5 regions. In country payment methods were evaluated, sized and forecast for B2C e-commerce and selected B2B segments with trend analysis identifying payment opportunities.

E-commerce payments | Global

Risk Mitigating

Challenge: Online information services leader requiring third party assessment to confirm target acquisitions SWOT and financial potential.

Solution: Surveys conducted with end consumers and B2B advertisers in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand regarding services and rivals. Objective assessment gave brand reputation and projected earnings confirming targets promise, and later acquisition.

Business Services | South East Asia

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