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Why should Custom Research agency screening include following its social media profiles?


How to verify the professionalism of a research agency? Why should research company screening include the observation of its social media profiles? But is it enough to follow the official, corporate sites in social media?

Custom market research projects cost significantly more than purchasing a ready-made report. To attain satisfying return on this investment, it's worth spending some time to thoroughly examine the research company selected for cooperation. And one of the effective ways is to observe its profiles on social media.


The obvious benefit of tracking a company in social media is to get to know the partner better. It includes, among others, their style of communication, expertise, specialisation and relationships with clients and co-workers. As this topic has already been discussed many times, we will not deal with it today.


We would like to focus on another important aspect, which is connected with subcontractors of research companies. However, this is not about the fact of working with companies or freelancers to conduct projects (you can read about it in the article: Is your Custom Research Project Being Subcontracted - Necessity or an unknown chain of NDA's?. Let’s think for a moment about how research companies recruit subcontractors.


If at the stage of preliminary meetings regarding a cooperation, a research agency may declare that they are looking for subcontractors for a particular project, it is then worth starting to drill down on this topic.


* Is a specific subcontractor already known (because, for example, it is a trusted partner of a research company)?

* Does the agency need to start looking for co-workers from scratch? And why (because, for example, the subject is niche)?

* How will a new company or person be searched and recruited?

* How will the subcontractor be checked before being admitted to the project?

* What safeguards will be used in cooperation with a subcontractor (e.g. regarding data confidentiality or assessment of work quality)?


Regardless of the answers obtained to the above questions, it is good practice to start observing social profiles of a given research company. And it includes both official, company profiles and personal profiles of its employees. It may turn out that the recruitment is actually done just by posts published on Facebook or LinkedIn – and not through professional ads, but laconic, hurried, disseminated only among friends, starting and ending with generics like "we are looking for a native Dutch speaker for a project". Seeing such unprofessional activities, the client has a chance to react early, question why and thus improve the quality of data obtained during the project.




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