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Scotts International supports the gathering of accurate data and reliable insights for international businesses focused on Consumers and Retailing. Through a global network our coverage spans Food & Drink as well as Consumer goods and services such as Clothing, Entertainment, Foodservices, Hospitality, Travel and more.

Our 15+ year experience covers a variety of research methodologies across a range of relevant categories.

Research services

A highly competitive sector which is undergoing a period of rapid development thanks to innovative and disruptive technologies as well as changes in consumer and shopper behaviours. With the advent of e-commerce and m-commerce as well as simplified payment solutions there are many challenges and opportunities.

Our experience in supporting companies, includes the following:

Market assessment: Focused research taking an in-depth look into a particular good, service or development strategy in a specific location and evaluating opportunities and threats. In many cases firms have a local presence but look to increase market share.

Understanding behaviours and motivations: From conducting interviews with professionals and consumers it is possible to gather opinions and information not in the public domain. These provide valuable insights into category developments, product awareness and trends shaping the future of specific sectors.

Go-to-market strategy: Support with identifying the right strategy in launching products and services or with selecting the right channel partners with the local knowledge and network.

Projects our team have advised on and managed:

Sector Analysis

Challenge: Working for a top 5 global cosmetics producer and retailer focused on cross-border retail trends between the United States and Mexico.

Solution: The size of the cosmetics market was assessed across difference segments with research of spending trends by channel. New malls and potential new retail channel partners were identified, and SWOT conducted into regions within northern Mexico.

Beauty & Cosmetics | Mexico

Positioning Strategy

Challenge: A US based fine chemicals and food ingredients supplier with flagging sales growth in key locations of Australia, China and Thailand.

Solution: A series of in-depth interviews with lapsed and current purchasing managers to determine decision making process, satisfaction points and pricing as well as value comparison with competitors leading to revitalised strategy and segmentation.

Food Ingredients | Australia & Asia

Expansion Assessment

Challenge: A leading e-commerce platform required support analysing new growth markets in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Emerging Europe.

Solution: Sized traditional retail and e-commerce markets across Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe and further profiled Poland, Nigeria, UAE, Sri-Lanka and Thailand as those with most potential.

E-commerce | CEE, MEA & APAC

Country Profiles

Challenge: A global leader in online digital payments wanting to understand opportunity in high potential growth markets in Africa and Central Asia.

Solution: After narrowing search to Kenya, Nigeria and Kazakhstan in-country analysts assessed shopping habits and payment preferences including market sizing, platforms and trends, competition as well as providing insights into spending flows.

Online Payments | Africa & CIS

Market Profiling

Challenge: A leading medical insurance company focused on international growth required comprehensive analysis in to 20 possible locations.

Solution: Established sources and profiled each market for size, competitive landscape, and maturity. Analysis was provided into local regulations, opportunities and potential barriers with a final recommendation for 7 markets with most potential.

Medical Insurance | APAC / MEA

Support Courting Investors

Challenge: An American alternative e-commerce payment company and its investment bank required support with commercial due diligence.

Solution: To support expansion research was carried out across 5 regions. In country payment methods were evaluated, sized and forecast for B2C e-commerce and selected B2B segments with trend analysis identifying payment opportunities.

E-commerce payments | Global

Go-to-Market Strategy

Challenge: A specialised Western European private hospital wanting to tap into the significant rise in outbound Chinese medical tourism.

Solution: Local language research in China, coupled with surveying referring clinicians, hospitals and agencies to understand decision making and compare destinations. Advised on potential, focus segments, referral partners and positioning offer.

Medical Tourism | China / Global

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