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Market Research and Advisory Services

Industry coverage

Scotts International provides strategic support services to international companies focused on Forestry, Metals, Mining and Minerals interested in gathering trustworthy data and reliable insights, backed up with strategic advisory services via a network of experienced consultants based in over 40 countries worldwide.

Our 15+ year experience covers a variety of research methodologies across a range of relevant categories.

Research services

Whilst the Basic Resources sector faces many challenges from digitalisation and technological advancements, such as AI, Blockchain and IIOT, through to changing industry demands there is no escaping the fact that these multi billion revenue generating sectors produce essential commodities for everyday use.

Our experience in supporting companies, includes the following:

Market Profiling: Focused research to understand demand and supply as well as industry trends, whether on a global or regional level and how individual areas are forecast to develop over time.

Understanding behaviours: From conducting industry interviews it is possible to gather opinions and information not in the public domain. Interviews can provide key data and give valuable insights into opinions of suppliers and equipment in use.

Investor support: Gathering data to support potential M&A activities as well as advisory services regarding expansion plans.

Competitor analysis: Acting in an ethical way, some projects are only feasible with the support of an experienced 3rd party partner.

Projects our team have advised on and managed:

Competitor Insights

Challenge: A multinational producer of novolac epoxy facing threat from international and domestic players in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand.

Solution: Provided in-depth competitor insights by profiling several rivals producing pulp mill and water treatment applications. Production capabilities and volumes assessed as well as customer focus strategies in order to advise performance gaps.

Chemicals | Asia

Industry Data / Analyst time

Challenge: A European leader in Mining Equipment required high-level analysis across all major vertical segments to support Global strategic planning.

Solution: Reviewed all available studies and communicated with 8 providers of data to confirm contents and suitability. Recommended 500+ page study with additional analyst time that was taken and later shared with regional managers through intranet.

Mining Equipment | Global

Industry Specific Forecasts

Challenge: The Strategy and M&A department of a leading provider of industrial automation technologies required analysis on the filtration sector.

Solution: Provided the head office direct support sourcing relevant industry analysis and assistance in ensuring appropriateness. Arranged additional customisation on Paper & Pulp and specific data and trends on the development of the Chinese market.

Industrial Filtration | Global

Companies supported

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Did you know we can also offer over 10,000 market reports within Basic Resources?

We work in close partnership with leading publishers of market reports and industry forecast studies, these signed agreements allow us to act as official agents and to provide their studies at exactly the same price.

The Basic Resources market report page covers Forestry (inc. Paper & Pulp), Metals, Mining and Minerals.

Latest Basic Resources market reports:

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