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Market Research and Advisory Services

Industry coverage

Scotts International provides strategic research and support services to international companies focused on the Construction sector, covering Developers and Investors; Building Material producers and Construction Equipment manufacturers. These research and strategic advisory services cover all continents worldwide.

Our 15+ year experience covers a variety of research methodologies across a range of relevant categories.

Research services

Research capabilities cover all aspects of the building industry including Residential Construction, Non-Residential Construction (e.g. Manufacturing plants, Office, Power and Retail), Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Construction projects.

Our experience in supporting companies, includes the following:

Market Profiling: Taking an in-depth look into a particular material, type of machinery or development strategy in a specific location and evaluating opportunities and threats. In many cases firms have a local presence but look to increase market share.

International expansion: For companies with ambitious growth plans analysis is conducted into the possibilities of success and the best ways of approaching a new market, whether through M&A activity, opening locally or through identifying channel partners.

Understanding behaviours: Conducting industry interviews it is possible to gather opinions and insights not in the public domain.

Competitor analysis: Acting in an ethical way, some projects are only feasible with the support of an experienced 3rd party partner.

Projects our team have advised on and managed:

Online News Tool

Challenge: A major European firm specialising in road and rail construction requiring news updates across 15 countries in Central & Eastern Europe.

Solution: A customised news monitoring service covering construction opportunities in logistics, industrial and retail/commercial sectors with access to archive and tagged content for easy searching developed for regional managers and sales teams.

Civil Engineering | Emerging Europe

Market Penetration

Challenge: A leading speciality chemicals company aiming to better understand market opportunities in China for their niche silicone adhesive solutions.

Solution: The key customer segments of Building Materials, Electronics and Footwear Manufacturing were sized with demand forecast. Value chain and margins assessed to identify best route to market leading to direct recommendation in sales strategy.

Speciality Chemicals | China

Acquisition Support

Challenge: A leading building materials producer considering an acquisition of a European manufacturer of Insulation materials required data support.

Solution: Working to specific parameters assigned from the head office data was sourced on acoustic insulation, mineral wool and xps production and sales volumes within Europe. The commercial due diligence support contributing to full acquisition.

Building Materials | Europe

Data to support M&A

Challenge: A leading Western European multinational requesting specific market data to support a potential US$50mn acquisition in South America.

Solution: Various industry forecast reports sourced from different providers, presenting options and advising suitability. Provided pre purchase support guaranteeing required figures included. Data matched internal calculations and acquisition made.

Construction Chemicals | South America

Distribution Analysis

Challenge: A European specialty chemical company aiming to further expand in the APAC region needed in-depth analysis of key distribution channels.

Solution: Focused on their construction chemicals analysis was provided across 10 different product groups within 10 specific locations. Research included revenue data and forecasts for 6 channels ranging from Direct Sales to Merchants and Online.

Construction Chemicals | APAC

Pre/Post Acquisition Support

Challenge: A leading international exhibitions player requiring extra negotiation ammunition to support the acquisition of regional trade show.

Support: Focused on Building Materials the industry outlook for the region was first assessed, followed by analysis / surveys for previous shows and SWOT on Competitive events. Advised risks, investment priorities and gave post acquisition support.

International Exhibitions | South East Asia

Strategic Planning

Challenge: A top 5 manufacturer of Elevators and Escalators wished to acquire reliable data for head office annual planning and strategic focus.

Solution: Sourced more than 10 available options, filtering to 2 based on our industry knowledge of producers and clients must haves. Chosen data was provided with additional bonus of analysis of key competitors revenues by sales channels in China.

Elevators & Escalators | Global

Companies supported

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Did you know we can also offer over 10,000 market reports within Construction?

We work in close partnership with leading publishers of market reports and industry forecast studies, these signed agreements allow us to act as official agents and to provide their studies at exactly the same price.

The Construction market report page covers Building Materials, Construction categories and Machinery.

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