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    Learn about our experience and why we do what we do
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    Learn about our experience
    and why we do what we do
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    Learn about our experience
    and why we do what we do
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    Learn about our experience and why we do what we do

Our Story

Add 15+ years professional information industry experience, a plethora of contacts complaining about new and unknown sources and not knowing whether to trust, a new baby in a home office and you have our start point.

From those early days, we have grown and gone on to assist many multinational companies from right across the World including supporting leading companies from Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.


team member
Nicholas Scott
Founder & Managing Director

British born and university educated. Professional experience in the UK, mainland Europe and Asia. Based in Krakow, Poland.

Prior to Scotts International:

Co-Founded, led business development, marketing and retention as well as managing multi country research projects for 6 years at a Strategic Advisory & Market Research firm capable of delivering projects, across various industries, worldwide.

Management Committee position and Head of International Sales at a leading Emerging Market focused Market Intelligence firm specialising in Industry Forecast Reports, Online Subscriptions, Market Research & Consulting services.

Individually and/or through previous companies has been associated with ESOMAR, SCIP and SIPA.

Has built a network of hundreds of contacts globally.

Our services are designed to meet any data requirement

Market Reports

Thousands of ready to deliver industry specific market research reports, available through an online database and secure online store.

  • Experienced individual support
  • Specific industry homepages
  • 200+ Geographies covered
  • Recognised publishers
  • Negotiation support

Custom Research

Supporting unique projects in which specific data collection and expert interviews are required in order to make key strategic decisions.

  • International Research
  • Investor Intelligence
  • Products & Pricing
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Market Profiles

How we support companies and individuals

We consult

We are not here for quick financial benefits or to recommend a service we gain most from. Our aim is to build long term, trusted relations. Therefore, we listen and consult to ensure both parties understand options and potential costs.

We review

Once we have knowledge and discussed possible options together we go to work and review available solutions, checking the suitability and speaking to partners in order to make confident recommendations.

We present

After all information is gathered, we provide a unique summary. This is either a list of relevant industry forecast reports or the methodology and proposal for a custom project along with introductions to senior project directors.

We deliver

At all process stages we are available, whether it’s ordering a Market Report or commissioning a Custom Research project. We assist with samples, content questions, clarifying deliverables and after sales support.

Why choose Scotts International?

Value for money

We have organised everything from $50 market report purchases through to supporting $100m+ acquisitions.

Impartial Advice

As we work with many trusted partners, we source what is right, rather than be restricted and biased towards one service.


Speak to professionals with 15+ years in the information industry who have managed multi country research projects.

Global scope

Custom Research projects have been supported across all continents and we list reports on every country worldwide.


We’re consultative, honest and deliver to your requirements, this approach has led to many long term satisfied clients.

Global scope, with services and project experience Globally

Online News Tool

Challenge: A major European firm specialising in road and rail construction requiring news updates across 15 countries in Central & Eastern Europe.

Solution: A customised news monitoring service covering construction opportunities in logistics, industrial and retail/commercial sectors with access to archive and tagged content for easy searching developed for regional managers and sales teams.

Civil Engineering | Emerging Europe

Customer Insights

Challenge: A market leading vendor of joint replacement and trauma implants under threat in SE Asia from low cost competitive Chinese products.

Solution: Survey and in-person interviews conducted with orthopaedic surgeons in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam to understand preferences allowing for recommendations of product development, loyalty and competitive positioning.

Orthopaedics | South East Asia

Market Penetration

Challenge: A leading speciality chemicals company aiming to better understand market opportunities in China for their niche silicone adhesive solutions.

Solution: The key customer segments of Building Materials, Electronics and Footwear Manufacturing were sized with demand forecast. Value chain and margins assessed to identify best route to market leading to direct recommendation in sales strategy.

Speciality Chemicals | China

Sector Analysis

Challenge: Working for a top 5 global cosmetics producer and retailer focused on cross-border retail trends between the United States and Mexico.

Solution: The size of the cosmetics market was assessed across difference segments with research of spending trends by channel. New malls and potential new retail channel partners were identified, and SWOT conducted into regions within northern Mexico.

Beauty & Cosmetics | Mexico

Commercial Due Diligence

Challenge: A Japanese industrial multinational searching for potential M&A targets to shorten supply chain in India, Singapore and Thailand.

Solution: Developed a scorecard based on ‘ideal partner’ and identified / screened 25+ target companies based on core filters. Shortlisted companies further investigated leading to introductions to 6 best companies and subsequent US$10mn+ acquisition.

Manufacturing | Asia

Acquisition Support

Challenge: A leading building materials producer considering an acquisition of a European manufacturer of Insulation materials required data support.

Solution: Working to specific parameters assigned from the head office data was sourced on acoustic insulation, mineral wool and xps production and sales volumes within Europe. The commercial due diligence support contributing to full acquisition.

Building Materials | Europe

Market Re-Entry

Challenge: A European industrial automation company wishing to re-enter the Indian market after a previous relationship with a distributor went sour.

Solution: A successful re-entry strategy based on profiling specific industry sectors, coupled with 20 in-depth customer interviews and surveying 75 manufacturers. Advise given sales opportunities, segment priorities and competitive positioning.

Manufacturing | India

Pricing Strategy

Challenge: A UK based medical software developer wanted to develop a competitive pricing policy for expansion into Europe and Middle East.

Solution: Focusing on clinical trial software hard data and recommended strategy was provided on market sizes, customer requirements, willingness to pay and discounting enabling the client to prioritise key markets and potential sales prospects.

Healthcare Software | EMEA

Positioning Strategy

Challenge: A US based fine chemicals and food ingredients supplier with flagging sales growth in key locations of Australia, China and Thailand.

Solution: A series of in-depth interviews with lapsed and current purchasing managers to determine decision making process, satisfaction points and pricing as well as value comparison with competitors leading to revitalised strategy and segmentation.

Food Ingredients | Australia & Asia

Expansion Assessment

Challenge: A leading e-commerce platform required support analysing new growth markets in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Emerging Europe.

Solution: Sized traditional retail and e-commerce markets across Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe and further profiled Poland, Nigeria, UAE, Sri-Lanka and Thailand as those with most potential.

E-commerce | CEE, MEA & APAC

Competitor Insights

Challenge: A multinational producer of novolac epoxy facing threat from international and domestic players in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand.

Solution: Provided in-depth competitor insights by profiling several rivals producing pulp mill and water treatment applications. Production capabilities and volumes assessed as well as customer focus strategies in order to advise performance gaps.

Chemicals | Asia

Data to support M&A

Challenge: A leading Western European multinational requesting specific market data to support a potential US$50mn acquisition in South America.

Solution: Various industry forecast reports sourced from different providers, presenting options and advising suitability. Provided pre purchase support guaranteeing required figures included. Data matched internal calculations and acquisition made.

Construction Chemicals | South America

Partner Search

Challenge: A global top 5 medical capital equipment company wanting to complete coverage gaps in in its product offering and range across Thailand.

Solution: Over 20 local distributors were identified, contacted and screened out based on a 30-criteria scorecard. The selected, most suitable, companies were visited by consultants and extensively profiled leading to recommendations and introductions to 3.

MedTech | South East Asia

Industry Data / Analyst time

Challenge: A European leader in Mining Equipment required high-level analysis across all major vertical segments to support Global strategic planning.

Solution: Reviewed all available studies and communicated with 8 providers of data to confirm contents and suitability. Recommended 500+ page study with additional analyst time that was taken and later shared with regional managers through intranet.

Mining Equipment | Global

Product & Pricing Strategy

Challenge: A leading international epayment processing solutions / software provider under increasing competition from lower priced rivals.

Solution: Surveyed 30 banks and benchmarked top 10 competing vendors to map value chain and major transaction types. Determined buying criteria and identified / recommended key segments to target coupled with positioning and pricing approach.

Banking Software | India

Distribution Analysis

Challenge: A European specialty chemical company aiming to further expand in the APAC region needed in-depth analysis of key distribution channels.

Solution: Focused on their construction chemicals analysis was provided across 10 different product groups within 10 specific locations. Research included revenue data and forecasts for 6 channels ranging from Direct Sales to Merchants and Online.

Construction Chemicals | APAC

Country Profiles

Challenge: A global leader in online digital payments wanting to understand opportunity in high potential growth markets in Africa and Central Asia.

Solution: After narrowing search to Kenya, Nigeria and Kazakhstan in-country analysts assessed shopping habits and payment preferences including market sizing, platforms and trends, competition as well as providing insights into spending flows.

Online Payments | Africa & CIS

Pre/Post Acquisition Support

Challenge: A leading international exhibitions player requiring extra negotiation ammunition to support the acquisition of regional trade show.

Support: Focused on Building Materials the industry outlook for the region was first assessed, followed by analyse / surveys for previous shows and SWOT on Competitive events. Advised risks, investment priorities and gave post acquisition support.

International Exhibitions | South East Asia

Industry Specific Forecasts

Challenge: The Strategy and M&A department of a leading provider of industrial automation technologies required analysis on the filtration sector.

Solution: Provided the head office direct support sourcing relevant industry analysis and assistance in ensuring appropriateness. Arranged additional customisation on Paper & Pulp and specific data and trends on the development of the Chinese market.

Industrial Filtration | Global

Industry Newsletter

Challenge: A global technology providing clinical software and information required a solution keeping its team informed of regional developments.

Solution: A specific fortnightly newsletter with online news archive and tagged content containing screened and selected events summarised across 16 countries in Asia Pacific. Articles and access distributed to over 70 key management, sales and marketing staff.

Hospital IT | Asia Pacific

Market Profiling

Challenge: A leading medical insurance company focused on international growth required comprehensive analysis in to 20 possible locations.

Solution: Established sources and profiled each market for size, competitive landscape, and maturity. Analysis was provided into local regulations, opportunities and potential barriers with a final recommendation for 7 markets with most potential.

Medical Insurance | APAC / MEA

Support Courting Investors

Challenge: An American alternative e-commerce payment company and its investment bank required support with commercial due diligence.

Solution: To support expansion research was carried out across 5 regions. In country payment methods were evaluated, sized and forecast for B2C e-commerce and selected B2B segments with trend analysis identifying payment opportunities.

E-commerce payments | Global

Strategic Planning

Challenge: A top 5 manufacturer of Elevators and Escalators wished to acquire reliable data for head office annual planning and strategic focus.

Solution: Sourced more than 10 available options, filtering to 2 based on our industry knowledge of producers and clients must haves. Chosen data was provided with additional bonus of analysis of key competitors revenues by sales channels in China.

Elevators & Escalators | Global

Risk Mitigating

Challenge: Online information services leader requiring third party assessment to confirm target acquisitions SWOT and financial potential.

Solution: Surveys conducted with end consumers and B2B advertisers in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand regarding services and rivals. Objective assessment gave brand reputation and projected earnings confirming targets promise, and later acquisition.

Business Services | South East Asia

Go-to-Market Strategy

Challenge: A specialised Western European private hospital wanting to tap into the significant rise in outbound Chinese medical tourism.

Solution: Local language research in China, coupled with surveying referring clinicians, hospitals and agencies to understand decision making and compare destinations. Advised on potential, focus segments, referral partners and positioning offer.

Medical Tourism | China / Global

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