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Scotts International provides research and intelligence support to businesses focused on the Healthcare sector, through a Global research network. Covering Medical Devices & Equipment and Pharmaceuticals across different Therapeutic areas. This includes Manufacturers, Healthcare Providers, CRO’s and more.

Our 15+ year experience covers a variety of research methodologies across a range of relevant categories.

Research services

One of the world's largest, most important and fastest-growing industries. Often consuming over 10 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) of most developed nations, health care can form an enormous part of a country's economy.

Our experience in supporting companies, includes the following:

Market assessment: Focused research to understand individual market conditions and trends, whether on a global or regional level and how individual categories are forecast to develop over time.

Understanding behaviours and motivations: From conducting interviews with medical professionals it is possible to gather opinions and information not in the public domain. Interviews can provide key data concerning market sizes and valuable insights into equipment used and opinions of manufacturers and suppliers as well as the decision-making process for planned purchases.

Partners and Suppliers: Support with identifying channel partners.

Regulatory frameworks:Providing local knowledge focused on specific government regulations and legislation.

Projects our team have advised on and managed:

Customer Insights

Challenge: A market leading vendor of joint replacement and trauma implants under threat in SE Asia from low cost competitive Chinese products.

Solution: Survey and in-person interviews conducted with orthopaedic surgeons in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam to understand preferences allowing for recommendations of product development, loyalty and competitive positioning.

Orthopaedics | South East Asia

Pricing Strategy

Challenge: A UK based medical software developer wanted to develop a competitive pricing policy for expansion into Europe and Middle East.

Solution: Focusing on clinical trial software hard data and recommended strategy was provided on market sizes, customer requirements, willingness to pay and discounting enabling the client to prioritise key markets and potential sales prospects.

Healthcare Software | EMEA

Partner Search

Challenge: A global top 5 medical capital equipment company wanting to complete coverage gaps in in its product offering and range across Thailand.

Solution: Over 20 local distributors were identified, contacted and screened out based on a 30-criteria scorecard. The selected, most suitable, companies were visited by consultants and extensively profiled leading to recommendations and introductions to 3.

MedTech | South East Asia

Industry Newsletter

Challenge: A global technology providing clinical software and information required a solution keeping its team informed of regional developments.

Solution: A specific fortnightly newsletter with online news archive and tagged content containing screened and selected events summarised across 16 countries in Asia Pacific. Articles and access distributed to over 70 key management, sales and marketing staff.

Hospital IT | Asia Pacific

Market Profiling

Challenge: A leading medical insurance company focused on international growth required comprehensive analysis in to 20 possible locations.

Solution: Established sources and profiled each market for size, competitive landscape, and maturity. Analysis was provided into local regulations, opportunities and potential barriers with a final recommendation for 7 markets with most potential.

Medical Insurance | APAC / MEA

Go-to-Market Strategy

Challenge: A specialised Western European private hospital wanting to tap into the significant rise in outbound Chinese medical tourism.

Solution: Local language research in China, coupled with surveying referring clinicians, hospitals and agencies to understand decision making and compare destinations. Advised on potential, focus segments, referral partners and positioning offer.

Medical Tourism | China / Global

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Did you know we can also offer over 10,000 market reports within Healthcare?

We work in close partnership with leading publishers of market reports and industry forecast studies, these signed agreements allow us to act as official agents and to provide their studies at exactly the same price.

The Healthcare market report page covers Medical Devices & the Pharma sector in 20+ Therapeutic areas.

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