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Translation Services

Standard, Specialist and Certified

The right strategy communicated in the correct language

As companies expand and develop in local markets not only understanding the competitive landscape is key but also communication without errors. Translation services are a natural extension to our business model that we can assist with as very often we are asked if we can recommend an experienced company who can assist with preparing official documentation, marketing materials or localising websites.

At Scotts International we partner with a Publicly Listed International company that offers a comprehensive scope of quality orientated services using the latest technologies in over 100 languages worldwide. With over 20 years of experience and 1000+ specialist translators our introductory service to them is completely complimentary and without any obligations.

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Services Offered

A wide range of services and modern solutions

Certified Translations

Annual Reporting; Safety Data Sheets

A certified translation consists of the translation itself being accompanied by a signed statement by the translator or translation company affirming that the translated text is accurate and complete rendering of the original document.

Specialised Translations

Technical Documentation; Manuals / Guides

To work on specialised text and prepare the translation, translators have acquired a somewhat advanced or even highly advanced concept of the relevant field. Specialist translators work exclusively in just one or two areas only.

Standard Translations

Corporate and Marketing Materials

Standard translation involves interpretation of the text in the source language and rendering it into the target one while maintaining its original meaning. Good translators are not only bilingual but also bicultural.


Gaming, Software and Websites

Assisting companies present themselves to foreign business partners and end users in the best way. The joint work of translators, graphic designers and programmers contributing to success in the international market place.

Proofreading, Editing & Review

Checking correctness and stylistic errors

checking the translated text in terms of linguistic correctness (grammar, spelling, punctuation) and correcting any stylistic errors. The proofreader pays attention also to linguistic accretions, e.g. use of loan translation.

DTP and Multimedia

Audio-visual, material reproduction and typesetting

Specific desktop publishing and preparation of audio, video, animation and graphic rich content. Ensuring that latest innovations in digital technology are used to maintain a consistent corporate / brand identity.


Consecutive, Simultaneous and Sworn

Interpreting involves interpretation of the spoken text in the source language and then rendering it orally into the target language while maintaining the original meaning.

Project Management Outsourcing

Improve performance and decrease costs by up to 30%

With our partners project management services clients gain a global presence, total ownership, security and confidentiality, full KPI and capacity monitoring and compliance with regulations.

Industries Experience

Over 2500 Corporate Clients and official bodies covering a wide range of specialisations


Heavy Industries

Consumer Goods & Retailing

Legal & Advisory


Pharma & Healthcare

Energy & Power

Public Administration

Finance & Banking

Technology, Media & Telecoms

Experienced and International Scope

A proud member of GALA Global and ELIA Industry Associations and EN-15038 and ISO 9001-2008 Certified


Years of experience


Languages on offer


Cooperating translators


Billion words translated

Case Studies

Projects our partner has successfully conducted

Translations for a ‘Big Four’

Working with one of the largest Professional Services companies globally. Our partner has been Translating Audits as well as Marketing and Advertising texts for over 10 years.

Professional Services

Technical Translations

Providing detailed Technical Translations of different systems and contracts for a leading international Manufacturer of Tyres from host language in to local ones since 2008.


Specialist Texts Translations

Our partner has been supporting one of the world’s seven oil and gas “supermajors” in highly specialist translations relating to fuels, mining technologies and patent registration.


Triple Check Translations

For over 5 years working with a leading retail chain in providing translation and proofreading services of corporate documents, descriptions of products and shelf item labels.

Consumer Goods / Retailing

Website Translations

Working for a €1 billion + publicly listed software provider our partner translated all material posted on the clients website as well as all Product Data Sheets.

Technology, Media Telecoms

Translation & Localisation

Aligning specialist technology and translating over 2 million words for a German manufacturer of electronic equipment to support their expansion and launch in to new market.


Comprehensive Service

Providing all round translation including technical translation of instructions as well as contracts, reports and statements for a leading Spanish group, present in over 80 countries.

Building Materials

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